Updated Thursday May 9, 2019 by Jessica Livingston.

Welcome to our THUNDER FAMILY and to the 2019 Season!!

- May 20 - 24, June 17 - 21, & July 15 - 19 Skills CampsThe camps takes place at Lakepoint Park every night during that week from 6-8pmThe cost is $25 per athlete for the entire week . This is a great opportunity to get your athlete ready for the first week of practice, as well as maybe break in those cleats that they have not worn or just purchased before taking the fields. We have our Thunder coaches out there to work with the athletes on a more one on one or small group style setting to get them ready. It is a great learning experience for all age groups and the athletes always have a lot of fun. You can sign up in person at the tables by the snack bar any night beginning at 5:45pm and your player can participate that same day.

Monday, JULY 22 is the FIRST DAY OF TACKLE PRACTICE. Practice begins promptly at 6:00pm at Lakepoint Park and will end at 8:00pm. All athletes will report directly to their assigned divisions (which you will be provided before). The first week of practice will run Monday - Friday from 6-8 daily. Athletes are to wear conditioning clothing and cleats during the first week - THEY ARE NOT TO WEAR EQUIPMENT during the first week. They can wear shorts and t-shirt (including their Thunder shirts being issued) Some coaches may ask after the first or second day that the players that have picked up their gear to wear their helmets to practice in order to get used to them but that would be on a team by team basis. *Please note the first week of practice is extremely important. All athletes must complete their 10 hours of conditioning (grass time) before they can participate in gear.  *It will be hot out there - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ATHLETE BRINGS PLENTY OF WATER. Breaks will be provided in order to make sure your athletes stay healthy and hydrated. Practices are scheduled Monday - Friday for the first week of practice. We will then change over to Tuesday - Saturday after that. Tuesday - Friday pracitce will be from 6-8 and Saturday will be in the mornings (times to be determined by teams and will sometimes also include scrimmage games against other chapters)

-FIRST WEEK OF PRACTICE - BIRTH CERTIFICATES / STUDENT IDENTIFICATION SHEETS ARE NEEDED. In order to have your athlete certified by conference for the upcoming 2019 season, we will need to have an original birth certificate or other identification provided. We ask that you bring these to your team atheltic directors any day AFTER THE FIRST DAY of practice. The birth certificates will be collected and returned to you in about two weeks at which time they will be signed for that you have received them back. If you do not have an original birth certificate, you can provide an issued Passport or a STUDENT IDENTIFICATION SHEET from your child's school. If you elect to bring the Student ID sheet, please make sure it is the official copy printed by the school or district office and that they have stamped and signed it. The sheet should have your athlete's picture on it, as well as their information (DOB, address, parent/guardian's names, etc). This is a standard sheet used within most school districts but may have to be requested in advance depending on your school's procedures. Please ask your team athletic director (AD) if you need any additional information as to what is needed for paper certification. 

Tuesday, AUGUST 6 is the FIRST DAY OF FLAG PRACTICEPractice will begin at 6:00pm at Lakepoint Park and will end at 7:00pm. All flag players will check in with our flag coordinator near the baseball field and C-Bin closest to the snack bar. Practices will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 6-7 unless otherwise instructed by your teams after the first week. Athletes are to wear conditioning clothing to practice (shorts, t-shirts (including the issued Thunder shirts) and cleats. *It will be hot out there - PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ATHLETE BRINGS PLENTY OF WATER. Breaks will be provided in order to make sure your athletes stay healthy and hydrated. 

Please note - There is still time to register for the upcoming season! If you have not already signed up, or if you have a friend or family member interested in playing they can sign up online at evthunder.org or in person at any Thunder events. 

We look forward to seeing you all out there and here is to a wonderful 2019 THUNDER SEASON!